Decorating for Christmas: 2017 Edition

Christmas decorating is serious business in the Cannon house!! I don’t have nearly as many Christmas decorations as I would like, but the most important part to me is that we decorate as a family and we have fun! The tree is the cornerstone of Christmas decor in my eyes, so that’s always the very first item to cross off our Christmas decor to-do list!

The Christmas before we had children, I personally broke about 7 ornaments from just being clumsy and careless when decorating the tree (I blame pregnancy brain). SO, I decided we would get rid of our glass ornaments (or pack them away if they were sentimental/fancy) and replace them with “glass look” plastic ornaments. I’m so happy with the way these look and I’m even happier with the fact that my boys can throw them across the room without any concerns about shattering glass!! (Because with two toddler BOYS, you better believe there were ornaments *plural* flying across the room at any given time while decorating.) I highly recommend plastic ornaments that look like glass. I have found excellent options at Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and At Home (formerly Garden Ridge). They look great without breaking the bank– which I also love.

I’ve had several styles of trees over the years, so deciding on one look is really hard for me. But I landed on this very traditional yet whimsical look for our main family tree. This is the tree that will house all of our presents, lives in our formal living room, and can be viewed from the street (I LOVE seeing Christmas trees through the windows of a house when I drive by #swoon). This year we added a second tree for the very first time– which can be viewed at the very bottom of this post. In the future, I’d like to have several trees: the whimsical/traditional family tree, a fancy gold/white tree, a collegiate tree, and a kid’s tree that they can decorate however they want (hopefully with a theme… but that’s asking a lot, I think. ha!).

Here’s our finished tree!! #Success

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Next Up: Living Room

Our living room is the next most important part of Christmas decorating, in my opinion. We spend the largest percent of our time in this room, so I want it to feel festive! Again, I’m nowhere near the amount of decor that I hope to have one day… but this is a nice start and I’m happy with it for now! I must say, I absolutely love our Christmas stockings!! I ordered them from Personal Creations last year and I just think they’re too cute. I chose them because of how they echo the whimsy of our family Christmas tree and the candy cane ornaments that we use on that tree. The dogs’ stockings are precious also… our fur babies are children, too, so of course they will never be left out!

The little Santa choo-choo train was gifted to us several years ago, and I love how it matches my decor perfectly. The only downside is that my boys totally think it’s a toy– so I find myself telling them every day (multiple times per day) that it’s “not a toy”, “not for touching”, “for looking only”, haha. {Where my fellow mommies at?! You feel my pain, I’m sure.}

In the future I’d love to add a Christmas painting over the fireplace, Christmas pillows for the couches and chairs, and some more festive knickknacks and candles. I’d also like to frame all of the boys’ Santa photos to display throughout the house. #Someday

Here’s the finished living room…

Next Up: Entryway/Stairs

I have a love/hate relationship with the stairs in our house. I love them because they are totally gorgeous, and even more so when the banister is wrapped with beautiful garland and classic red bows! But I also hate them because they’re a total death-trap and if anyone falls down them, they’re going ALL.THE.WAY.DOWN. There’s no landing so… #goodluck #allthebabygates

Anyway, I absolutely love the way our garland and red bows add just the right amount of holiday cheer to our entryway. (I’m totally obsessed with simple red bows for Christmas decorating, by the way. And they’re like $2.99 at Hobby Lobby. #SuperWinning) The massive 48″ wreaths that are hanging in the art nooks above the stairs are new this year! Eric had the brilliant idea to put wreaths there and I have to say, he nailed it. They look picture perfect and they make me SO happy. Plus, they were 50% off at Hobby Lobby, and the big red bows were $5/each. Not joking! They’re so pretty and they make such a statement. #EasyPeasyLemonSqueezy

Next Up: Kitchen Table

I feel ashamed to admit that I have never purchased holiday decor for my kitchen table until this year… (*eeeekkk why did I say that out loud?*). I blame my former retail career which always had me working 6 days per week in December with extended hours. You don’t get much of anything accomplished during the holidays with that kind of crazy busy work schedule consuming your life! Now that I’m not working on the store side of retail, I can actually enjoy the holidays this year… and I can do more decorating! But trust me, next year will be better. And each year after that! 🙂

I found these adorable napkins and napkin rings, as well as the antler candle holders at Hobby Lobby! (Can you tell that I basically live at Hobby Lobby?! #SorryNotSorry)

Next Up: Festive Mugs

Eric’s sweet grandma Dorothy gave us these Lenox mugs for Christmas when we were only dating. They are personalized with our names, so Eric was SHOCKED that she would give us such a “permanent” gift before we were even committed for the long haul. It was basically the best Christmas ever for me because I interpreted this gift as a seal of approval from Grandma Dorothy, who rules the roost in Eric’s family! So for that reason, I love these mugs and I’m extremely proud of them.

In the future, I’d like to expand our collection into a full dinnerware set, glasses, serving ware, etc. I’ll just start collecting a few items each year so by the time I’m as awesome as Grandma Dorothy (#unattainablegoal), I’ll finally have a nice table setting for Christmas, haha.

Up Next: Christmas Tchotchkes

I used to wince when I would receive random Christmas tchotchkes as gifts, mainly because I wasn’t all that into decorating since my schedule didn’t really allow it. But MY how the TABLES HAVE TURNED. My little tchotchkes are some of my favorite parts of our current decor situation!! They are totally the icing on the cake. I need like 4,873 more tchotchkes. #GimmeALLtheTchotchkes

Last But Not Least… Introducing: The Collegiate Tree!

This is something I have anticipated for YEARS. Since my husband is a financial wizard and protector/keeper of our money, he has never been supportive of buying another tree. (Heck, he doesn’t even want to replace our main family tree even though it only has 2 working sections of lights! You just can’t tell because we strung new lights all over it. But the tree is actually a hunk of junk. See, there are perks for reading this far… you get insider info, haha.) ANYWAY, I found this tree listed for sale on our neighborhood “For Sale” page for $20! When I came home with it, I got an eye-roll so strong from Eric, it could have assisted in parting the Red Sea. Then I told him how much I paid and that I can finally use all the TCU stuff I have been collecting in anticipation for this tree… so he warmed up to the idea of another tree after that 🙂

Anyone who knows anything about the Cannon house knows that we bleed purple, so this really should not be surprising. I hope to add more and more purple and TCU ornaments to our little collegiate tree each year. And hopefully I can find a cool topper, although this foam Frog hand sign is not the worst thing I’ve ever seen. #KindofLoveIt

Well that’s about it, folks. I don’t have a ton of decor, but I love all of the things we have so far and I look forward to collecting and making new memories alongside our decorations year after year. There’s no doubt that a festive home feels more magical!

And as per my usual M.O., I have included a shoppable widget that features some of my Christmas decor “wish list” items that I would put in my home right now if I had endless funds to spend on decorations. You can click any item to take you to the website so you can buy it for your home!!

Merry Christmas and happy decorating!


All photos in this post were taken by Chloe Saltarelli Photography 

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