Christmas Confections: 2017 Edition

What is Christmas without some seriously fun and messy Christmas confections?! Some of our most favorite Christmas traditions include making Christmas sugar cookies and decorating a gingerbread house! I’ve detailed each tradition in the making below… try these Christmas traditions with your family to create memories that are as fun as they are sweet!

Christmas Cookies are absolutely a MUST for us. It’s a solid tradition in our house…in fact, we usually end up making more than one batch each December. This year, Champ and Easton did ALL the decorating themselves. First, we made our own cream cheese icing (Daddy’s recipe that we LOVE SO MUCH…better than anything store-bought). We put sprinkles in little bowls and just let the boys go to town, covering each cookie with their own interpretation of holiday cheer! (HA!) While this activity can be SO MESSY (sprinkles EVERY.WHERE.) it is SO worth it. The boys took a tremendous about of pride in creating their own little masterpieces, and they had even more fun eating them after everything was finished. If you have really little ones, you may need to supervise the decorating closely, just to make sure the sprinkles are actually going on the cookies and not straight into their mouth! (Easton, I’m looking at you…little sprinkle-eating monkey.)

Next up, we always love to decorate a gingerbread house and let is sit proudly on display throughout the month of December as a heartwarming piece of Christmas decor. This doesn’t have to be a fancy, time-consuming project. We picked up this particular gingerbread house at our local grocery store in a gingerbread house kit. It came all pre-constructed with frosting, sprinkles, and candy…so all we had to do was frost on the lines and then decorate! Seriously EASY! This is an activity that children of all ages will enjoy, and it doesn’t break the bank. It’s a Christmas tradition that we will look forward to each year! Of course, you can get boujee and make your own eatable gingerbread house from scratch (and if you do that then you really deserve some kind of award because that is AMAZING). But if you’re a mom of toddlers like me, then the pre-built, package deal is perfect. I’m all about keeping it simple whenever and wherever I can 🙂

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Pajamas: Target // Photography: Chloe Saltarelli Photography

I hope you will disconnect with the world for a bit, and spend some quality time creating loving memories with your family over the next few days! Swing by the grocery store and pick up a gingerbread house to decorate if you can!

Sending love and Christmas cheer from my family to yours!!


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