Red Lipstick: Some of my Favorites

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Top: Maricano // Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft // Handbag: Chanel // Necklace: Neiman Marcus Last Call // Bracelets: David Yurman, Lagos & Sydney Evan // Shoes: Valentino // Photography: Chloe Saltarelli Photography

Why do I love red lipstick so much, you ask? It’s pretty simple. Because it looks amazing.

Red lipstick is chic, timeless, and bold, which is exactly the way I like to present myself. Plus, wearing red lipstick typically means the rest of your face doesn’t need much!! I wouldn’t recommend wearing a ton of eyeshadow or many other colors on your face– let the lips have their moment! You can honestly just put on a little mascara with a red lip and call it a day!

If you haven’t tried wearing red lipstick, I would encourage you to get adventurous and give it a go! What do you have to lose? If you hate it, then take it off. But I bet you anything, you’ll get at least one compliment. Why? Because it’s noticeable and I have found that most people love the way it looks when they see it on someone else.

You might feel like you “can’t pull that off”, but let me remind you that “pulling that off” is a choice, and believing you can’t is something you have made up in your head. It’s not a thing. You can pull off whatever you want. Saying “I can’t pull that off” is really saying “I don’t know what other people will think about me doing this and it makes me uncomfortable so it’s not for me.” If you want to pull it off, then do it.

Now for the important part…I want you to scroll through the beautiful red lipsticks below and choose one that you want to try. I have given you options in a million price-points so there is something for everyone. However, let’s me just say that you get what you pay for most of the time. I wear more expensive lipstick because it feels better, it wears better, it’s more moisturizing, and it smoothes on like a dream. My experiences with less expensive lipstick have resulted in bleeding (lipstick seeping off my lips and into the skin around my lips) and wearing off too quickly. Additionally, I’ll probably get some questions about lip liner…my reply is that I don’t use lip liner. I use a super high pigment, matte lipstick that doesn’t need a lip liner. Tom Ford actually created his lipsticks with the intention of being worn WITHOUT a lip liner. The primary purpose of lip liner is to keep your lipstick from bleeding and to give you clean lines, so if you can achieve those objectives without it, then you just eliminated one step from your makeup routine!! #Winning (Also note– purchasing a more expensive lipstick that eliminates the need for a lip liner means the price probably evens out in the end. You save money from not purchasing the lip liner, so you can put that money into a better lipstick.)

Ok, here are the red lipsticks that have my stamp of approval!! I have tried every single one of these. Tom Ford is my favorite, but they’re all beautiful. Go wild!

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