A Valentine’s Gift that is Actually Awesome: Unique Wooden Watch


View More: http://chloesaltarelliphotography.pass.us/briannacannon12218look3

View More: http://chloesaltarelliphotography.pass.us/briannacannon12218look3

View More: http://chloesaltarelliphotography.pass.us/briannacannon12218look3




View More: http://chloesaltarelliphotography.pass.us/briannacannon12218look3

View More: http://chloesaltarelliphotography.pass.us/briannacannon12218look3
Top: Ann Taylor // Pants: GUESS by Marciano // Necklace: Chanel // Sunglasses: Target // Bracelets: Lagos & Sydney Evan // Watch: JORD // Photography: Chloe Saltarelli Photography

Interestingly enough, my love language has changed as I have grown older. I used to express my love through gift-giving and my favorite way to receive love was also in the form of gifts. It seems that in recent years, however, the things I value and what actually makes me feel loved has changed quite significantly. So much so that Eric and I don’t typically give each other gifts for holidays or special occasions unless it’s something extra special or something we need.

That’s why I felt like this watch is worth telling you about. While JORD was generous enough to gift a watch to me and provide compensation for my time, what I’m about to share with you are my own honest opinions and thoughts (if you know me, you know I’m entirely too honest). For future reference: I will never, EVER tell you about a product or service that I wouldn’t use or purchase for myself. That is my promise to you. 

If you’re like us, you don’t like spending money on a gift just because you’re “supposed to” buy something. Gosh there’s nothing worse, amirite?? I’d rather receive nothing than receive a random gift that isn’t personal, useful, or necessary. But when I came across JORD watches for the first time on Instagram, I paused mid-scroll. My initial thought was, “WOW. That is a good-looking watch.”

Before I tell you about why I think these watches are legit, let me backup and inform those of you who don’t know about my experience in the watch and jewelry business. I spent 4+ years of my career working with luxury jewelry and timepieces at Gucci and Neiman Marcus. I have been exposed to more timepieces and jewelry than the average Joe. I feel like I’ve seen it all, so it really takes something interesting to catch my eye. That being said, let me tell you what I love about this watch, and why I think it’s actually an awesome gift to give or receive.

1. Beautiful design. 

JORD watches are handcrafted from wood, which gives them a beautifully unique look. They are also much lighter weight than most watches. The wood band and case are comfortable against your skin and easy to wear. The design on the face of the watch varies by style, but my favorites are extremely minimal with simple hash marks or Roman numerals. They’re also unisex, although some designs lean towards more masculine or feminine. I’m pretty sure the watch I ordered is considered a men’s watch, but I prefer the boyfriend look, so I’m loving it!


2. Excellent value. 

These watches range in price from $139 to $429– which is INSANELY reasonable in the watch world! I honestly had never found a watch in this price range that I really loved before coming across JORD watches.

3. Personalized Watch Engraving. 

This is really my favorite part, and why I think this item is an AWESOME gift. There’s a great video on this (you can watch it by clicking here), but long story short…JORD will engrave the box or the back of the watch itself with your name, personal message, logo, or image. And it looks GOOD, y’all. Here are some pics…


Are those not just the coolest things you’ve ever seen?! What a SPECIAL gift. I mean seriously, if Eric gave me a watch box that was engraved with a sweet message like that, I would cry and love it forever. But I’m sappy like that 🙂

This is also an excellent idea for corporate gifting (think Top Producer gifts with company logo on the box and their name on the watch), graduation presents, or a bride/groom present to gift each other on your wedding day. You can really get pretty creative with this.

“Ok, Brianna, it looks great but how much does it cost to engrave?” Did I read your mind?? Don’t worry, that was my question, too. It’s only $35 to engrave the back of the watch and $45 to engrave the box. Yeah. Super reasonable. #Obsessed

So now that you’ve probably fallen in love with JORD the way I have, you probably want your own watch. Well have no fear…

Enter To Win graphic

You can ENTER TO WIN a $100 JORD credit, which can be applied to your watch purchase!

And every single person who enters the give-away will receive a 10% off coupon code. The contest will close on 2/11/18 at 11:59pm. The $100 credit for the winner and the coupon codes will be valid thru 2/25/18.

Click Here to Enter copy

Now it’s time to get to shopping, folks! Valentine’s Day is coming right up…and you can win the gift-giving game by giving a gift that is unique, personal, AND functional. Cannot think of a better combo! #SpeakLogicalToMeBaby






Wooden Wrist Watch


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