Money Management Monday: Talking Tax Prep


We’ve been out of pocket a little in the past 2 weeks…during that time Eric was diagnosed with the flu and pneumonia, Easton had fifths disease, I went to Florida for work, and I am still battling a lingering cough that just won’t go away (you get to hear my lovely hacking in the video– you’re welcome). SO, we apologize for not getting your money management tips up and going those past 2 Mondays, but we’re back with some great content this week.

With tax season upon us and the filing deadline quickly approaching, we decided to talk to you about tax prep in our newest installment of Money Management Monday!

We hope this is helpful and answers some questions you have– but if you still need some things answered then please feel free to shoot me an email or direct message on social media! We’re here to help! (Eric won’t give tax advice, but we will point you in the right direction, and/or provide tools and resources that will help you!)

Ok I’ll be quiet now so you can enjoy the video… 😉


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