Monat Hair Care: Does It Really Work?


Monat products c/o Courtney Hollis:


Monat Hair Care.
I’m sure you’ve heard of it…I mean heck, it seems to have popped up out of nowhere and now it’s EVERYWHERE. It’s been called “magic shampoo” among other claims that give these little blue bottles QUITE a reputation to uphold. But does the product live up to the hype? 

I was contacted by a distributor of Monat (information available below) who has so much confidence in the product that she agreed to let me try it out and report my results to all of you. She sent me 3 products– the Revive Shampoo, the Revitalize Conditioner, and the Blow Out Cream. I plan to use these products until they are empty, and I’ll report back to you throughout my use of the product to tell you about my experience!


  • Great packaging– looks nice and it’s easy to hold.
  • No intense fragrance– if you have fragrance aversions, this would be a great product. All of the products have a very faint fragrance. If you like a very strong-smelling hair product, this one isn’t going to offer those strong fragrant smells.
  • Shampoo will not lather if your hair is super dirty– may require 2 washes. My hair is usually REALLY dirty when I shower because I don’t shower daily. Thus, I noticed that the first wash with the shampoo resulted in almost zero lather. The bottle said to wash again if there isn’t any lather the first time due to oil in your hair. The second wash did produce a great lather– I like this about the product because it’s a good indicator to tell me when my hair is actually clean.
  • Hair felt instantly smooth and silky after applying conditioner.
  • No tingling or any kind of weird feeling sensations.
  • Easy to use and pretty quick– no need to let she shampoo sit for more than a couple of minutes.


Reduction in Hair Loss 

I have been using all three products for about 2 weeks now, and I have to say, I am impressed so far. The number one reason why I am impressed is simply based upon the reduction in hair loss that I am experiencing in the shower. After having my boys (they are soon to be 2 and 3 years old) my hair has fallen out in GROSS amounts in the shower. I’m talking a handful of hair at minimum. If I forget to scoop it up and throw it in the trash after I finish my shower, someone might honestly mistake my hairball for a rat. It’s so, so nasty…but it’s also a very common occurrence for women after having children. Thus, seeing reduced hair loss is pretty exciting for me! I would say my hair loss has reduced by about half. Impressive, right??


Of the three products, I am really, really loving the Blow Out Cream. The way it makes my hair feel and the visible texture of my hair is significantly healthier looking. My hair is naturally wavy and frizzy, so creating the appearance of silky hair for me is not super easy. I have no idea what it is about the Blow Out Cream that works so well, but you just apply it to your hair after a bath or shower (while your hair is still damp) and then you blow-dry it per usual. I feel like my hair is easier to control, has less frizz, more volume, and overall more shine and bounce than when I blow-dry my hair without the Blow Out Cream. It’s quickly earning its place in my lineup of “must-have” products!


…I’ll report back in another 2-3 weeks to let you know of any new developments. I am very interested to see if I can tell a change in the thickness of my hair or if I notice any new hair growth! I would love it if my hair thickened to the way it was before I had children. So far, I am truly loving these products!

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