Money Management Monday: Debt Solutions (Part 1)


It’s that time again when my husband and I share some financial wisdom! Ok, let’s be real…it’s Eric sharing the wisdom and I’m just asking questions and making comments. BUT in any case, it’s MONEY MANAGEMENT MONDAY and we have a great new segment for you.

We have had at least a billion requests to cover debt solutions, which is a DEEEEP topic and there’s lots to cover. So this is just one installment of what will likely be several on this topic over time. It won’t be debt solution for weeks in a row, but we will revisit and expand upon this topic in a couple of weeks to make sure we cover lots of ground while still keeping things interesting.

You will ALSO notice that we have a guest in this video…our dog Amon, a very frisky Boston Terrier puppy, decided to join us. Aaannnndddd let’s just say he causes quite a ruckus. If you want to skip all the dog craziness then just fast forward to 1:35. But if you want a good laugh, then watch the first minute and a half 😉 



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