Things I’m Loving: Father’s Day Edition

It’s almost Father’s Day!!!

I don’t know about you, but I think Father’s Day is one of the most difficult gift-giving occasions! Guys (if they are anything like my husband) are just SO hard to buy for since they tend to get themselves what they need and don’t really have a ton of “wants”.

However, I had Eric sit down with me and share his own thoughts about some of HIS favorite things that he owns (things that many guys would also enjoy) as well as some things Eric doesn’t have but would really appreciate as a gift. He likes things that are functional, so you’ll find that this list is exactly that.

I added a caption under each photo with a direct quote from Eric sharing his thoughts and opinions about every item…

We hope you enjoy this list, and we REALLY hope this will help make your Father’s Day shopping a little easier this year!


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